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Jane Goodall is one of the world's most famous conservationists and scientists. Her pioneering study of wild chimpanzees began 50 years ago in Tanzania and revolutionised how we think about both chimpanzees and ourselves. 

The Jane Goodall Institute mission is to make a difference for all living things through conservation, research and education inhabitants.


“We have a responsibility toward the other life-forms of our planet whose continued existence is threatened by the thoughtless behavior of our own human species. . . . obviously, it is up to us to put things right.”


The Jane Goodall Institute Global



the Jane Goodall Institute Global

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Dear friends and visitors,


If you are HERE, then there really is



Welcome to the wonderful community that is the

Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), where every person truly can and does make a POSITIVE difference.


You are on the web-site of JGIG, the JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE, GLOBAL, the umbrella global NGO established to bring together and coordinate the efforts, initiatives, resources and ambitions of all of the JGI Chapters and Roots and Shoots associations along with our staff and volunteers around the world in furtherance of our common purpose and mission.


And it is, indeed, an ambitious mission!  The world requires nothing less of us at this pivotal and delicate moment in the life of our fragile planet and gregarious but imperfect civilization.  

Through the vehicles of wildlife research, education and conservation, JGIG promotes informed and compassionate action to improve the environment shared by all Earth’s living creatures with a specific mandate to:


· Increase awareness of and compassion for all animals, but especially chimpanzees, both in the wild and in captivity;

· Foster public understanding of the interconnection that exists between humans, animals and the environment;

· Increase support for habitat and species conservation, particularly for chimpanzees;

· Support non-invasive research on chimpanzee behaviour;

· Through Jane Goodall’s ROOTS & SHOOTS program, empower young people to take action in local and global environmental and humanitarian initiatives;

· Inspire and engage citizens around the world to take action in said initiatives to make this  a better world.


And we need your help and participation to ensure that this mission is achieved.  


Please click on the links to any of our national JGI Chapters to find out what JGI is doing in your part of the world and to hook up staff and volunteers near you who will be able to involve you in local and international projects and programs and who will eagerly entertain your own ideas and initiatives aimed at moving the JGI mission forward.  Or contact us directly at JGIG to learn more about our mission, our team, our projects, our values and our approach to global governance.  


Hoping this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!   

Jane is counting on you!  




Peter L. Biro

A Message from the Global CHAIR

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Peter L. Biro